Something Very Odd

I’m getting ready to start my own actual website. I am using a professional website builder and they are asking me questions about inventory, sales, analytics, and a whole bunch of other stuff I know nothing about.

It seems the only reason a person starts a website is to sell you something. Everyone is always trying to sell you something. I use the example “soap,” because I think everyone has had an encounter with soap, at least once in their lifetimes. Well, that’s really it. All this internet stuff is set up to sell soap. It might be food soap, or sex soap, or relationship soap, you get the idea.

Except for me.

And this has mystified my website designers, because I don’t want you to buy soap, as a matter of fact I would feel the same about you if you looked here, found nothing interesting, and then moved on. Nothing for sale, no sales come on. Nothing. I have an eBay page that most of this stuff is on or has been sold on, but you will have to find that yourself because I am not sticking it here to ask you to go there and buy something. 

Don’t buy anything that does not make your heart move. 

Especially soap.

Fritz Pulpaneck Violin Bridge, Made in Los Angeles California

Bela Fleck

Bela Fleck has done more for the banjo and banjo playing than 10 people you could name. Just an incredible player who is really keeping the banjo alive as an art form, Just great playing from this guy.

“Weird Tales,” “Golden Smog,” Rykodisc 10-13-1998

This is a very strange promotional booklet for a band that has a very strange past. The first incarnations of this band, because of "Contractual Obligations," were forced to use fake names on the liner notes of the records. "Weird Tales," is the first time the actual players on the record were listed by their real names. As you can see there are a lot of culprits on the records including Jeff Tweedy of the Jayhawks, and the great Dan Murphy of Soul Asylum. A very odd promo indeed. This one was on Rykodisc, who had a way of nurturing, and ferreting out these musical gems.

golden smog promo book 001 golden smog promo book 002 golden smog promo book 003 golden smog promo book 004 golden smog promo book 005 golden smog promo book 006 golden smog promo book 007 golden smog promo book 008 golden smog promo book 009 golden smog promo book 010 golden smog promo book 011

REM “Green” Voter Post Card, 1988

Back in 1988 when they still had something called records, the band REM released the album “Green.” Some smart person somewhere decided to make this post card to send out to record reviewers to remind them to vote and to hopefully buy or listen to the album “Green.” Since I am now officially the world’s laziest man, the is one of eBay items I have for sale and my eBay page link is somewhere on the bottom of this page, if you are interested in purchasing this special piece of music memorabilia.  The election they are referencing is the 1988 United States presidential election. I believe there is another one of the presidential contests on the horizon, so please vote if you are able, even if you do not get the post card or REM.

rem green voter postcard 001 rem green voter postcard 002 rem green voter postcard 003 rem green voter postcard 004 rem green voter postcard 005 rem green voter postcard 006 rem green voter postcard 007 rem green voter postcard 008

“Totally Crushed Out” That Dog, 1995 Geffen Records

As I have said in the past, I have a large collection of music promotional stuff that I sell on my eBay site. This is one of those pieces from a band called “That Dog,” which was issued in 1995 by Geffen Records. Whatever people, including Don Henley, might say David Geffen practically invented the “California” sound in the 1970’s by opening Asylum Records. Soon Dave had Jackson Browne, Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, and others, who again epitomized the “California” sound. This one is for sale on my eBay site which is listed at the bottom of the page.

that dog totally crushed out 001 that dog totally crushed out 002 that dog totally crushed out 003 that dog totally crushed out 004 that dog totally crushed out 005 that dog totally crushed out 006 that dog totally crushed out 007 that dog totally crushed out 008 that dog totally crushed out 009 that dog totally crushed out 010 that dog totally crushed out 011 that dog totally crushed out 012 that dog totally crushed out 013 that dog totally crushed out 014

Fostex Cassette Tape

What is it that makes the Fostex cassette tape one of the great cassette tapes ever made? It has nothing to do with fidelity, response, or any of those fancy recording engineer phrases. No, the reason you can sell these in Japan for $50.00, is because of the way that they look.

If you look closely at this cassette tape you will notice that the reels that hold the actual tape are designed to look like old reel-to-reel tapes. They have the exact same look. So what happens when you find 6 cases at your local Goodwill store selling for $4.95 a case? You buy them all, thank someone, and then keep moving.