Prince, “Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic” Ad Slick

This is an advertising slick for the Prince album “Rave UN2┬áthe Joy Fantastic.” This was at the time when Prince was having it out with Warner Brothers and was using a glyph for his name instead of Prince. I remember that when he started using the glyph it created trouble for all print and other media because no one had that glyph in their computers. Warners had to send out discs with the glyph on it to all media outlets so they could report the story. What a mess for Warners. But apparently all is forgiven because Prince is back on Warners again.

TV Crack for the Masses

The great Kinnie Starr released an album entitled “Tidy,” and this is a promotional newsletter she released to try and explain how “Tidy” came to be. Kinnie Starr was also part of the “Scrappy Bitch” tour, and is a well respected musical artist in Canada.

Music Paper and Photos

This one is going to be about the music memorabilia collection I am currently curating and valuing, and other music related papers and photos. This is what will be featured here.

Metallica S&M

This the program for the S&M Concerts featuring the band Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. These concerts were held on April 20-21, 1999, and resulted in the album S&M. This allegedly stood for Symphony and Metallica, which does make sense. The version of “Enter Sandman,” on the record just sounds crazy!!!

Burning For Buddy

In 1994 Neil Peart of the band Rush put out a Buddy Rich tribute album entitled “Burning for Buddy.” It featured Neil and a whole bunch of great drummers and players. This is the B&W photo the record company sent out. Neil says Buddy Rich was the greatest drummer who ever lived. As Rush fans know, if Neil Peart says it is so, then it is so.