Earth Day 2016

Earth Day is on the 22nd of April this year and I don’t really care. I know that sounds crazy but instead of talking about Earth Day and the earth itself, I decided that actions would be louder than words, so I did something, that I felt would really help.

I gave up cars.

Yes, when my wife died in 2013 we had two cars. My wife’s car, which she drove 12 miles to work every day, and back home those same 12 miles. She kept it clean and hated the times when I had to drive her car because we were going somewhere together and she just did not want to put up with the hassle of me being the passenger not the driver. 

My car, on the other hand, was like the “Wreck of the Hesperus.” You could have done surgery in the back seat and no one would notice. My car was the do everything car of the two cars, and life was grand. Until she died and I started pondering life.

I have to say that up until my wife died I had not really considered my position in the world. When I was young I really didn’t care about the resources I was using or how they were used. If someone would have told me that they would have to use a condor to beat a bald eagle to death to get what I wanted I would have only asked the question:

“How Much?”

Because really that’s the only question these days isn’t it? How much can I get for myself? Where is my piece of the pie? Why should I give two shits about others? Why? It seems dumb sometimes, doing something good, making a sacrifice.

So I sold one car to a neighbor, and shipped my wife’s car to my son in Mississippi in September of 2014. So I was then, and still am, without a car. The bus stop is right outside my apartment on both sides of the street, so it’s pretty easy. I work, ha-ha, for myself so there is not a time constraint, so it works.

But I am not doing it for me. I am doing it for my son, his kids, your kids, people I have not met, and all those ones that are going to come after me. How stupid am I to think you can change the world one bus ride at a time? I must be crazy. Then the first time I rode the bus, I found this note, on the seat next to where I sat down.

And I have not stopped riding since then, and am going to ride the bus today. For me, for you, for real change, and just because I can.

In Case You Were Wondering

I am taking a break from writing on these blogs and pages, while I research and work on launching my new website. I thank you for your patronage and look forward to speaking with you again soon. Hang in there people.

logo skeleton-3

Right From the Afterlife

For a while you are going to feel like everything your wife ever said to you is right. It is. While this might have been annoying while she was alive, it is positively creepy when it happens after she is dead and buried, or burned as was the case with my late wife. Again this plays off that freedom thing.

I remember that one day I wanted spaghetti for dinner. I had not had it while Ruth was sick for the last 11 months of her life, so I thought it might be nice for a change from Burger King. I went to the store and like a zombie I picked up the same spaghetti and sauce we had eaten once a month for 23 years. I did it automatically.

After I had the stuff in the cart I started wondering about the myriad of sauces on the shelf and I thought to myself that  since Ruth was now dead I could get any sauce that I wanted. But which one to get? I finally decided on a sauce that was peddled by a cute woman who was a bit chunky for television but was still very cute. Her face was on the label and everything.

What was bothering me was that I seemed to remember my late wife mentioning something about the spaghetti sauce but I just could not remember, what it could have been. I paid for my stuff and went home and fixed spaghetti for dinner. I heated up the sauce with the face of the chunky girl from the television, and it smelled very good. When it was all done I assembled it along with a nice roll and some very nice grape Kool-Aid.

I took a bite and it tasted like something in-between tomato sauce and ptomaine. Suddenly, my late wifes’ words came rolling out of some old memory banks and I remembered what she said in one second. It was so simple. Ruth said:

“We don’t get that kind of spaghetti sauce because it sucks and you don’t like it.”

That was it. That was what I could not remember and now would never ever forget again. I scooped the whole thing into the garbage can, hopped in Ruth’s car, and sped to the nearest McDonald’s, while blasting her favorite song. Just slightly creepy to say the least. Do yourself a favor and try and eat well.Try getting food you don’t order from a clown’s head or a donkey’s hindquarters. Your arteries will thank you some day.

1933 Boy Scout Handbook

Back in the 1930’s they took the motto, “Be Prepared,” a lot more seriously that today. This thing is so handy for everything, I still keep a copy of it around, in case of emergencies.

1933 boy scout handbook 001 1933 boy scout handbook 002 1933 boy scout handbook 003 1933 boy scout handbook 004 1933 boy scout handbook 005 1933 boy scout handbook 006 1933 boy scout handbook 007 1933 boy scout handbook 008 1933 boy scout handbook 009 1933 boy scout handbook 010 1933 boy scout handbook 011 1933 boy scout handbook 012 1933 boy scout handbook 013 1933 boy scout handbook 014 1933 boy scout handbook 015 1933 boy scout handbook 016 1933 boy scout handbook 017 1933 boy scout handbook 018 1933 boy scout handbook 019 1933 boy scout handbook 020 1933 boy scout handbook 021 1933 boy scout handbook 022 1933 boy scout handbook 023 1933 boy scout handbook 024 1933 boy scout handbook 025 1933 boy scout handbook 026 1933 boy scout handbook 027 1933 boy scout handbook 028 1933 boy scout handbook 029 1933 boy scout handbook 030 1933 boy scout handbook 031 1933 boy scout handbook 032 1933 boy scout handbook 033


It does not matter how cool you think you are, you are not. Do not tell young women stupid stuff. Just keep your mouth shut unless your parents taught you how to be polite. It’s really simple. If you tell young women, they would look cuter if they smiled, you might get this.

Vintage Keys

My father would always tell me that locks and keys were to keep honest people out. I have lived in NYC where you had to have a rhino in front of the door so folks would not enter but at some point in the past, a lock and key would have done the trick.

31 vintage keys 002 31 vintage keys 003 31 vintage keys 004 31 vintage keys 005 31 vintage keys 006 31 vintage keys 007 31 vintage keys 008 31 vintage keys 009 31 vintage keys 010 31 vintage keys 011 31 vintage keys 012 31 vintage keys 013 31 vintage keys 014 31 vintage keys 015 31 vintage keys 016 31 vintage keys 017 31 vintage keys 018

“Peanuts” Birthday Plate, 1966

This is a pretty cool “Peanuts” Happy Birthday plate. This one is from 1966 and resides in my little brother’s massive “Peanuts” collection. There is so much “Peanuts” stuff out there I only buy vintage “Peanuts,” stuff these days.

peanuts birthday plate 001 peanuts birthday plate 002 peanuts birthday plate 003 peanuts birthday plate 004 peanuts birthday plate 005 peanuts birthday plate 006

The Voice of a Friend

I heard the voice of a friend the other day. One of the few people who met my late wife Ruth, and saw the wonderfulness of her, even if it was for only a short time. They told me that had suffered through cancer also and had beaten back the terrible disease. I was so happy to hear my friends voice that I forgot to shut up and just jabbered and jabbered.

So I am sending this one out to you my friend. I wish you health, life, and money, and the time to enjoy them all. 

Mouse Ears Paint Cards, Disney/Home Depot

This crossover for special Disney Paint was done by Disney and the Home Depot. These were the sample color cards they made for the promotion. I love the colors, and even more, the names of the colors. And to think it all began with a mouse.

mouse ears wallpaper 001 mouse ears wallpaper 002 mouse ears wallpaper 003 mouse ears wallpaper 004 mouse ears wallpaper 005 mouse ears wallpaper 006 mouse ears wallpaper 007 mouse ears wallpaper 008 mouse ears wallpaper 009