Bob-Bet Bait Box

People who fish, like the rest of us, like things easy. This is where the “Bob-Bet” Bait Box comes in handy. Just like it says, you merely fill the thing with worms, give it half a turn, and there’s your worm. It simply could not be easier than that. This thing also keeps the worms out of your pocket and was designed to fit on your belt.

bob bet bait box 004bob bet bait box 005bob bet bait box 001bob bet bait box 002bob bet bait box 004bob bet bait box 003bob bet bait box 006bob bet bait box 007bob bet bait box 008bob bet bait box 009bob bet bait box 010


Sweater Chain with Picture Frame

The sweater chain has changed everything for me. When I first made this webpage, my idea was to present items, with no information at all, to let people figure that out on their own. Well, a very nice lady from New Mexico sent me a message that basically said she wanted a bit more explanation about some things and had no idea what a sweater chain was and especially did not know about one with a picture frame attached. She was very sweet about the whole thing.

I thought about it for a time and realized that indeed most of my collection is different and could use a bit of explanation. So I have gone back and supplied information on all my posts, like this one. The sweater chain was used at the collar of the sweater to keep it from coming open while the rest of the sweater was unbuttoned. As you can see this one has tiny little places in them where you could place a pencil eraser width photo of a loved one. That’s it, that’s all I know.

sweater chain 004sweater chain 004-1sweater chain 007sweater chain 008sweater chain 010sweater chain 010-1sweater chain 012sweater chain 014sweater chain 019


Boston Red Sox Trade Token

A person who has lineage in New England gave me this token and said it was given out by the Red Sox back when they were the Red Stockings or something like that. I really can’t recall all the particulars because it was St Patrick’s Day and we were both two sheets to St Swithin’s Day. Anyway, that’s the story that was told to me by a person who then vomited all over himself, so take it for what it might be.

bosox trade token 003bosox trade token 004



CB&Q Railroad Button

“The Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad was a Class I railroad that operated in the Midwestern United States. Commonly referred to as the Burlington or Q, the Burlington Route served a large area, including the states of Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Wyoming, and New Mexico and Texas via subsidiary railroads. Its primary connections included Chicago, Minneapolis–Saint Paul, St. Louis, Kansas City and Denver. Because of this extensive trackage in the midwestern and mountain states, the railroad used the advertising slogans “Everywhere West”, “Way of the Zephyrs”, and “The Way West”. It merged with three other railroads to become the Burlington Northern Railroad in 1970.” (Information Courtesy of Wikipedia)

And this is a button from the uniform of someone who worked on the CB&Q at sometime in the past. These sort of uniform buttons went out with button shoes.

cb and q railroad button 001cb and q railroad button 002cb and q railroad button 003cb and q railroad button 004cb and q railroad button 005

Girl Scout Sash

My mother was a “Girl Scout” leader in our small town growing up. This meant I, and my brothers, had to do a lot of “Girl Scout” stuff. Well, we didn’t actually have to do the stuff, we just had to hang around and wait while my mom, my sisters, and half the girls in our small town, did “Girl Scout,” stuff. I don’t know what they did because the only thing that mattered to me was the yearly “Girl Scout” trip to Disneyland. I do not know who had this sash from the 1960’s but they were one busy little bee. There are even patches starting to go up the back of the sash. Well done!

girl scout sash 001girl scout sash 002girl scout sash 003girl scout sash 004girl scout sash 005girl scout sash 006girl scout sash 007girl scout sash 008girl scout sash 009


Navy Belt Buckle, WWII

Trench art or boat art or whatever you call it, this seems to be a WWII era Navy belt buckle that has been altered to show locations known mostly to those brave members of the USN. This one, featuring Mt Fuji, also lists Hiroshima as one of the destinations.

navy belt buckle 001navy belt buckle 002navy belt buckle 003navy belt buckle 004navy belt buckle 005navy belt buckle 006


Passing Eye Mirror

This is a “Passing Eye Mirror.” It was devised not for rear viewing, but for seeing around the car in from of you. Imagine it’s the 1920’s and you and your Dusenberg are tooling along on a two lane mountain road. Unfortunately, a large slow moving truck is in front of you without a turnout in sight.

Well, if you have your handy “passing eye mirror,” you would simply look into that bad boy and see what is in front of the slow moving truck. Once you have espied that there is nothing coming the other way, you simply step on the gas, go around that slow truck, and you will be on your way to F Scott’s and Zelda’s, before the toddies get cold. 

I actually attached this thing to my car and tried to use it. By the time my eyes figured out what I was seeing in front of me, I had almost driven up onto the sidewalk. This thing deliberately takes your eyes off the road. No wonder it did not last too long!!!

passing eye mirror 001passing eye mirror 002passing eye mirror 003passing eye mirror 004passing eye mirror 005passing eye mirror 006passing eye mirror 007passing eye mirror 008passing eye mirror 009passing eye mirror 010passing eye mirror 011passing eye mirror 012passing eye mirror 013passing eye mirror 014

Mini Picture Frame

I thought this one inch square picture frame was cute for a few reasons. The first was the way the removable round gold ring holds the picture in place. The second thing was this tiny frame was from “new old stock,” and because of that, there is a picture of Carmen Miranda and another gentleman in the frames. No one wants to buy an empty picture frame, I have heard. Because of this I am placing the date on this one around the 1940’s.

mini picture frame 001mini picture frame 002mini picture frame 003mini picture frame 004mini picture frame 005mini picture frame 006mini picture frame 007