Fillmore Piru Citrus Association Wind Chill Chart

When you grow up in the city where Sunkist Orange was founded you get to know a few things about citrus. I recently saw an article in the Los Angeles Times wherein people were going to a museum that had a “smudge pot,” and no one knew what it was.

If you grew up in the “Citrus Capital of the World,” you know your smudge pots and you know what a freeze will do to the crop if it happens, hence the chart and the smudge pots. They still use smudge pots in the County of Ventura, where lemons and oranges are king.

Class Photograph, Oxnard High School, Class of 1976, Oxnard, California

This is the class photo for the graduating class of Oxnard High School in Oxnard California, for the year of 1976. As you can see from these pictures there were a few style changes along the line from 1976 to now. Oxnard California was named for the Oxnard Brothers who were sugar beet farmers and created an empire and a city from sugar beets.

1976 oxnard high school class picture 0011976 oxnard high school class picture 0021976 oxnard high school class picture 002-11976 oxnard high school class picture 0031976 oxnard high school class picture 0041976 oxnard high school class picture 0051976 oxnard high school class picture 005-1

Lamb With Two Faces and Four Legs

I first saw this lamb when I was a child. I recently toured the historical museum in my hometown, and was allowed to go into the basement, where I encountered my little friend here, who has not been displayed at the museum for a number of years now. It was stillborn on a local ranch, was collected and preserved, and ended up at the museum. I could not resist snapping a few pictures. It has two legs in front, and four legs in back, along with 2 tails. A really amazing local piece.