Something Very Odd

I’m getting ready to start my own actual website. I am using a professional website builder and they are asking me questions about inventory, sales, analytics, and a whole bunch of other stuff I know nothing about.

It seems the only reason a person starts a website is to sell you something. Everyone is always trying to sell you something. I use the example “soap,” because I think everyone has had an encounter with soap, at least once in their lifetimes. Well, that’s really it. All this internet stuff is set up to sell soap. It might be food soap, or sex soap, or relationship soap, you get the idea.

Except for me.

And this has mystified my website designers, because I don’t want you to buy soap, as a matter of fact I would feel the same about you if you looked here, found nothing interesting, and then moved on. Nothing for sale, no sales come on. Nothing. I have an eBay page that most of this stuff is on or has been sold on, but you will have to find that yourself because I am not sticking it here to ask you to go there and buy something. 

Don’t buy anything that does not make your heart move. 

Especially soap.

Fritz Pulpaneck Violin Bridge, Made in Los Angeles California

1933 Boy Scout Handbook

Back in the 1930’s they took the motto, “Be Prepared,” a lot more seriously that today. This thing is so handy for everything, I still keep a copy of it around, in case of emergencies.

1933 boy scout handbook 001 1933 boy scout handbook 002 1933 boy scout handbook 003 1933 boy scout handbook 004 1933 boy scout handbook 005 1933 boy scout handbook 006 1933 boy scout handbook 007 1933 boy scout handbook 008 1933 boy scout handbook 009 1933 boy scout handbook 010 1933 boy scout handbook 011 1933 boy scout handbook 012 1933 boy scout handbook 013 1933 boy scout handbook 014 1933 boy scout handbook 015 1933 boy scout handbook 016 1933 boy scout handbook 017 1933 boy scout handbook 018 1933 boy scout handbook 019 1933 boy scout handbook 020 1933 boy scout handbook 021 1933 boy scout handbook 022 1933 boy scout handbook 023 1933 boy scout handbook 024 1933 boy scout handbook 025 1933 boy scout handbook 026 1933 boy scout handbook 027 1933 boy scout handbook 028 1933 boy scout handbook 029 1933 boy scout handbook 030 1933 boy scout handbook 031 1933 boy scout handbook 032 1933 boy scout handbook 033


It does not matter how cool you think you are, you are not. Do not tell young women stupid stuff. Just keep your mouth shut unless your parents taught you how to be polite. It’s really simple. If you tell young women, they would look cuter if they smiled, you might get this.

Bela Fleck

Bela Fleck has done more for the banjo and banjo playing than 10 people you could name. Just an incredible player who is really keeping the banjo alive as an art form, Just great playing from this guy.

“2001: a space odyssey,” “Facts for Editorial Reference”

This is your basic promo for the movie “2001.” I remember seeing this movie when it first came out and I always wondered if we would ever get to the places shown in this movie. What’s cool is the person making this promo figured out most of the moviegoers watching this would still be alive in the year 2001. I wonder if they were disappointed?

Vintage Keys

My father would always tell me that locks and keys were to keep honest people out. I have lived in NYC where you had to have a rhino in front of the door so folks would not enter but at some point in the past, a lock and key would have done the trick.

31 vintage keys 002 31 vintage keys 003 31 vintage keys 004 31 vintage keys 005 31 vintage keys 006 31 vintage keys 007 31 vintage keys 008 31 vintage keys 009 31 vintage keys 010 31 vintage keys 011 31 vintage keys 012 31 vintage keys 013 31 vintage keys 014 31 vintage keys 015 31 vintage keys 016 31 vintage keys 017 31 vintage keys 018

“Peanuts” Birthday Plate, 1966

This is a pretty cool “Peanuts” Happy Birthday plate. This one is from 1966 and resides in my little brother’s massive “Peanuts” collection. There is so much “Peanuts” stuff out there I only buy vintage “Peanuts,” stuff these days.

peanuts birthday plate 001 peanuts birthday plate 002 peanuts birthday plate 003 peanuts birthday plate 004 peanuts birthday plate 005 peanuts birthday plate 006

What I Believe In

The other day, someone again, asked me, a buyer and seller of what might be described as “collectible,” or “rare,” items what I personally collect. I have to say that the things that I collect number 2 and one of them I will be keeping to myself, thank you. I will reveal that my only public collectible is book markers. Not just regular book markers but book markers that have been left behind in old books. You would be surprised what you can find inside an old book and a marker is one of the first, and sometimes only, things that you find.

But I make sure I pay for the marker, even though the store owner, not knowing of the markers existence, often offers it for free, I always pay 1 dollar. I write down the book I found it in and the page, and other particulars both important and not. Why is this my collection? I don’t know. Maybe the thought of all those people, reading all those words, and then caring enough about those words that they marked their place, so they could return to those words, makes me have hope as a writer that I will one day make someone feel the same way with words I have written.

But the unsaid question, that hangs in the air after the collection question, is what do you believe in Steve? Again, I have been hampered by an education which is elevated in some areas and in deficit in others. Everything I know and have learned has come from books, movies, or music. It’s all I know.

So I will let Crash Davis, played by Kevin Costner in the movie “Bull Durham,” provide my answer, as he has in the past. Crash Davis said:

“Well I believe in the soul, the cock, the pussy, the small of a woman’s back, the hanging curve ball, high fiber, good scotch, that the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent, overrated crap. I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe there should be a constitutional amendment outlawing AstroTurf and the designated hitter. I believe in the sweet spot, soft core pornography, opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas eve and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days.”

Just in case you were wondering.

Santa Paula California City Directory, 1959