Mount Hood Oregon, RPPC

This real photo post card, RPPC, is of Mount Hood in Oregon. This one was taken a long time ago from the Wapanitia Highway, which is now called State Route 216.

Stock Certificate, Keystone Mines, Amador City California, May, 12, 1915

I can’t imagine there was much left in the Keystone Mines in Amador City in 1915. This is another possible example of “mining by assessment.” This was a simple premise wherein the folks allegedly working on the mines kept hitting their investors for more money while actually delivering little more than a “dry hole.” Lots of mining fortunes were made this way. Pretty certificate though.

keystone mines stock cert with letter 001 keystone mines stock cert with letter 002 keystone mines stock cert with letter 003 keystone mines stock cert with letter 004 keystone mines stock cert with letter 005 keystone mines stock cert with letter 006 keystone mines stock cert with letter 007 keystone mines stock cert with letter 008 keystone mines stock cert with letter 009 keystone mines stock cert with letter 010 keystone mines stock cert with letter 011 keystone mines stock cert with letter 012 keystone mines stock cert with letter 013 keystone mines stock cert with letter 014 keystone mines stock cert with letter 015 keystone mines stock cert with letter 016 keystone mines stock cert with letter 017 keystone mines stock cert with letter 018

Religious Medals, Various Dates

The majority of these are Catholic Religious Medals. They have various dates of manufacture, and a few even came from Rome. These have been personally collected by myself since they first gave me one in church when I was 7 years old.

group of religious medals 001 group of religious medals 004 group of religious medals 005 group of religious medals 006 group of religious medals 007 group of religious medals 008 group of religious medals 009 group of religious medals 010 group of religious medals 011 group of religious medals 012 group of religious medals 013 group of religious medals 014 group of religious medals 015 group of religious medals 016 group of religious medals 017 group of religious medals 018 group of religious medals 019 group of religious medals 020 group of religious medals 021 group of religious medals 022 group of religious medals 023 group of religious medals 024 group of religious medals 025 group of religious medals 026 group of religious medals 027 group of religious medals 028 group of religious medals 029 group of religious medals 030

Matchbook Collection

Is there a place these days that gives matches to its customers, other than bars or liquor stores, when you buy or use cigarettes? Matchbooks once had a lot of information but they are now seemingly gone.

matchbook collection 001 matchbook collection 002 matchbook collection 003 matchbook collection 004 matchbook collection 005 matchbook collection 006 matchbook collection 007 matchbook collection 008 matchbook collection 009 matchbook collection 010 matchbook collection 011 matchbook collection 012 matchbook collection 013 matchbook collection 014 matchbook collection 015 matchbook collection 016 matchbook collection 017 matchbook collection 018 matchbook collection 019 matchbook collection 020 matchbook collection 021 matchbook collection 022

The Voice of a Friend

I heard the voice of a friend the other day. One of the few people who met my late wife Ruth, and saw the wonderfulness of her, even if it was for only a short time. They told me that had suffered through cancer also and had beaten back the terrible disease. I was so happy to hear my friends voice that I forgot to shut up and just jabbered and jabbered.

So I am sending this one out to you my friend. I wish you health, life, and money, and the time to enjoy them all. 

Blue Book, San Fernando Valley College

San Fernando Valley State College is now called Cal State Northridge. I have seen some serious valley girls come out of this place and most are smart as a whip. A blonde tressed, looking in the mirror, smart as a whip girl, but you get what you get. After all, it is California.

“Weird Tales,” “Golden Smog,” Rykodisc 10-13-1998

This is a very strange promotional booklet for a band that has a very strange past. The first incarnations of this band, because of "Contractual Obligations," were forced to use fake names on the liner notes of the records. "Weird Tales," is the first time the actual players on the record were listed by their real names. As you can see there are a lot of culprits on the records including Jeff Tweedy of the Jayhawks, and the great Dan Murphy of Soul Asylum. A very odd promo indeed. This one was on Rykodisc, who had a way of nurturing, and ferreting out these musical gems.

golden smog promo book 001 golden smog promo book 002 golden smog promo book 003 golden smog promo book 004 golden smog promo book 005 golden smog promo book 006 golden smog promo book 007 golden smog promo book 008 golden smog promo book 009 golden smog promo book 010 golden smog promo book 011