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I saw Queen at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on 3-10-1976, with my friend and fellow confidant John Derbyshire. The tickets were $6.50 and the opening act were the “Cate Brothers,” of “Union Man,” fame. I do not remember this because me and Mr Rorer 714, were taking a small nap. John however shook me awake for the main festivities. The band was in a word; phenomenal. They had the audience from the first note and they never let up the whole time they were onstage. Freddie was really finding out about what he could do onstage and he was reassured by the audience as he had them eating out of his hand for the whole concert. At this time, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” had only recently been released in the USA and was nowhere near the final #9 position that the song finally reached in the USA. When they pulled that one out and played it, completed with taped middle chorus section, the place just went crazy, and Queen went on to become as popular or more popular than the actual Queen.

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