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Why not nothing?

All day, every day, we get bombarded with messages, advertisements, and brain killer fillers. I made this site to combat that push. I thought it would be nice to present things as they are and then let people decide on what they mean. I don’t know what anything means anymore, sometimes everything means nothing, and nothing means everything. I don’t know why that is, but it just is. This site is the antidote for that. I just want people to consider. See a play. Read a book. Play your guitar. Turn off the computer. Go outside. Maybe think a bit, just for a few moments. Also, for full disclosure, most of the items displayed here were either sold or are for sale on my eBay page. Don’t worry, I don’t care if you see everything here for free. Getting your money is not my primary goal. Getting you to stop, think, and then possibly laugh, is my primary goal. the big lie june 1, 1902 012

OK, so I guess we are going to have to scratch that because of Donna from Las Cruces, who cannot figure out what half the stuff here might be. With the fact that the things presented here are one of a kind or rare, I guess some explanation would be helpful. In all cases, most of the information is factual, except for the parts that are not.

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